Kilo Capital – Your precious metals finance and trading specialist

Your precious metals finance and trading specialist

Kilo Capital provides a wide-range of flexible financing and trading options to help you manage your precious metals business.

Why Choose KiloCapital?

Any business that requires gold, silver or platinum as inventory comes with some unique challenges. Managing working capital and exposure to sometimes volatile metal prices can be difficult with traditional banking facilities that are often ill-suited to manage these industry specific concerns.

Kilo Capital is a specialty finance and trading company that provides tailored financing solutions and risk mitigation tools for companies who work with precious metals. Our team of experienced precious metals professionals can help you structure the right combination of loans, metal leases, select inventory finance, and hedging services for you to achieve your business goals.

Industry Specific Solutions

Meet Our Team

Kilo Capital is led by a team of senior industry professionals with exceptional track records in metals trading, finance, banking, and fund management.  We are a privately held, non-bank specialty finance company and metals trader.

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